10 minute gel for problem skin. Cosmetic classification.

  • Binds and reduces bacteria*
  • Clears excess oil (sebum)* and impurities
  • Reduces spots and blackheads
  • For skin benefit, contains no alcohol and no perfume

silicol®skin physically binds and reduces bacteria as well as oil and impurities on the skin. This clears excess oil (sebum) and reduces spots and blackheads.

silicol®skin is suitable for use on face and body. A thin layer is applied to wet skin and allowed to dry for 10-15 minutes. It is then gently rinsed off with water.

Certificates for silicol®skin
Tolerance and effectiveness scientifically confirmed by modern analytical methods.

Dermatologically tested for skin tolerance.

* This is confirmed in a clinical application study under dermatological control by quantifying bacterial germs on the skin and by determining skin fat content.


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