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Welcome to the Saguna ® web site. Saguna ® develops and manufactures health and beauty products made from colloidal silicic acid, an aqueous and highly dispersible form of silicon and oxygen. Silicon is the most common natural element in our environment, second only to oxygen. Silicon is found in nature as silicon dioxide or silica, and in the hydrated or aqueous form as silicic acid. Silicon, as an oxygen compound - silicic acid, is found in most organs and tissues in the human body, mainly in the connective tissues, in the walls of the blood vessels, the lungs, the trachea, the tendons, bones and cartilage, the skin, hair and nails.

Colloidal silicic acid is essential to human health and has a variety of functions within the human body. Saguna ® has developed two unique products using colloidal silicic acid, scientifically formulated to render the silicic acid highly dispersible and active, that can be used to effectively help a range of ailments both internally and topically.

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